Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brooks in 3D

For the first time in 3D, we have seen baby Brooks. He really made his daddy and momma proud! Through the entire sneak peak our little booger was moving all around! He does really like to have both hands, near his face, at all times. He sure is a cutie though! G'Ma and Grandma were able to come to this appointment and that made the occasion even more special. I love these pictures and have not stopped looking at our little baby since they were printed. Hope you enjoy them!

Here is Brooks HEALTHY heartbeat!

Here you can see a smile:)

Baby boy is trying to sleep, we just could not let that happen though!
We just love how he has those little hands curled up close!

This is actually taken right before little man started to cry. Yes, cry! It broke our hearts- and it is hard to tell here. going by the time this picture was taken, when you watch the live feed video, right at 9:30 a.m. Brooks started to cry. It was broken up though, as he suddenly got the hiccups. Baby's are truly a miracle!

By 9:43, he was WORN OUT! Headed back to sleep....

One last little peek- you can see Brooks opening his right eye in this shot!

God is so good! Brooks is our blessing that leaves us speechless every time we feel or get the chance to see him. Needless to say- March cannot get here soon enough!

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Cathy Hengst Photography said...

AMAZING! I had no idea they cried in utero :-( GOD is amazing.

Our Life Together said...

Love seeing my nephew! What awesome pictures!!! Can't wait to meet him.

Kristen Hatcher said...

Can't wait to meet him. We've missed you guys and hope to see you at Christmas Eve service. If not, have a blessed Christmas and we will see you next year! Love you guys.